Presented in its main points in the Communal Council of October 2017, approved by the Municipal Council on November 29, 2018 through the Resolution 124., the Program’s main purpose is to foster a process of growth of the location, in order for it to be able to attract long-lasting development opportunities for the interested area, intercept resources and create new businesses.
The Program is part of a greater project for the valorisation of the Forts System (Pignatelli Fort, Siacci Fort, former Ammunition Storage of Matiniti Inferiore). The key elements of the project are: respecting the historical and architectural heritage of the location, create a new site fostering cultural growth, granting the community use of the area, achieving economic sustainability, creating a big public park. The scope of the project, implying a careful restoration and functional recovery process, is to hand the site back to the community through a series of new functions related to the nature of the Fort.
The following phases imply the introduction of governance and activity managements tools (tour visits, artistic, hiking, cultural, historical and environmental activities) and their implementation.
The management of the project and of the site will be handled by the Municipality of Campo Calabro.
On the basis of this valorisation program, approved by all the parties involved, the State Property Agency and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, together with the Municipality of Campo Calabro have undersigned the valorisation agreement on June 18, 2019.